Benfield vs Billingham: Match Report


NORTHERN LEAGUE DIV1 4/ December /21

It’s goals that count in football, and that was the case in this match for Benfield down the A19 to Teesside. For the first five minutes of the game Billingham had 95% of the ball but were non-threatening with no shots on target.

This they were to regret as they went a goal down in the eleventh minute, a ball was played back to Billingham’s goalkeeper Jack Norton who fluffed his lines in trying to find a team mate, when all he should have done was clear the ball as far as he could have.

The ball fell into the possession of Paul Brayson, who controlled the ball and advanced forward on the Billingham goal committing goalkeeper Jack Norton to advance forward with the Benfield striker, then squaring the ball into Ryan McGorrigan who side footed the ball into the empty net making the score 1-0 to Newcastle Benfield.

Both teams were plodding through the match which was lacking any real quality, but in the twenty-seventh minute Billingham’s Harry Close came close to equalising with a strong 25-yard drive which just went past the Benfield goal post. The quality of the match left a lot to be desired but in the thirty-seventh minute after a good three man build up goal scorer Ryan McGorrigan came close to getting a second goal when his overhead kick went inches wide of the Billingham goal post.

The game then idled forward to halftime with Benfield leading 1-0 in what, was a very average match.

Two minutes of the second half had elapsed when Billingham had a chance to equalise from a corner, but with a free head at goal Billingham’s Daniel Boyle pushed it wide of the Benfield goal.

The quality of the game had not improved and in the opening ten minutes of the second half the most exciting thing to happen was a multi scuffle which resulted in a yellow card for Billingham’s Jude Harrison. Play had reached the fifty-eighth minute and it was the moment that Billingham should have got an equalising goal, a brilliant run down the Benfield right wing by Jude Harrison saw his centre put on a plate for teammate Daniel Boyle to get the equalising goal but with the whole goal to aim at he put the ball over the Benfield cross bar.

Newcastle Benfield had given goalkeeper Alfie Gordon the chance to shine with him replacing Andrew Grainger, and he did not disappoint with a fine save in the seventy-eighth minute tipping the ball over the bar for a corner. His next save was in the eighty-fourth minute when he produced another great save this time from Harry Close tipping the ball over the crossbar for a corner which was cleared away to safety.

The Benfield keeper was then called on again a minute later when again he denied the Billingham centre forward making a fine save keeping Benfield in front and they nearly added a second when Billingham keeper Jack Norton made a good save from Abu Salim thus leaving the score line at 1-0 to Newcastle Benfield which was the final score.

Man of the Match … Brad Varga.

Reporter: Allan Young.

Next Game: Saturday 11th Home Match … F.A. VASE V CONSETT … 3pm Kick Off

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