Advertise with Benfield for just £10!

In a bid to promote local businesses that we care about a lot at Newcastle Benfield, we have decided to offer our social media platforms as a sort of 'local business billboard'.

Between our Facebook and Twitter accounts we have over 10,000 followers, and while non-league football is not continuing at the moment, we wanted to offer businesses the opportunity to advertise in a cheap way to a large number of people in the North East.

We will put together a post that complies with Twitter's character limit, with a message about your company, and any contact details you would like in there. You can write the post yourself if you prefer, or at least signpost some information you would like in the post. If there is more information you'd like in the Facebook post, we can happily accommodate that as well, as there is no character limit for that.

You can then choose when you'd like the posts to go out, or we can recommend optimum times instead, and you can decide how many posts go out, with it being £10 per combined Facebook and Twitter post, and another £10 if you'd like to add LinkedIn and Instagram into the promotion.

We would love to engage with as many businesses as possible, so if you are interested or have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ben Harris on the media team at for more information!


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