In 2017, I qualified as a PT, having switched from an office based role as a Solicitor, seeking more balance in my lifestyle and looking to help others achieve the same.

I was thrilled to take the opportunity to train out of the newly opened, purpose built NBGym when it was offered to me in the summer of 2018.

I work there predominantly with clients looking to lose weight, gain strength and change their body composition.

One such client is the truly inspirational Kathy Murphy.

Kathy contacted me back in Jan 2019 with goals of increasing her strength and body confidence, reducing existing back pain and transforming her body in readiness for ‘the dress’ – to be the star of the show at a party in NYC in August.


We started training twice a week in late February. Kathy quickly picked up the techniques and skills required and, without complaint, worked very hard in each and every session.

All advice was taken on board – even I was amazed when Kathy told me she had switched out her standard two chocolate croissant breakfast in favour of healthier foods, as the training was making her want to fuel her body more effectively. Kathy also started to enjoy cooking for herself more often.

No easy feat for a lady whose packed work, business and social calendar means she has little time to herself. Kathy also devotes a good deal of her time to the improvement of other people’s lives as well as her own self improvement – a real inspiration. Yet sessions were never missed and 100% effort was always given.

Kathy’s body shape and confidence changed rapidly due to the combination of training methods implemented and by the date of the party, only 6 months into training, I think you’ll agree she looked absolutely stunning.

And the work hasn’t stopped there – never one to rest on her laurels, we are constantly embarking on new goals for Kathy. Never a session goes by without a belly laugh, hard work, great craic and amazing results from a lady as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

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We also have our own state-of-the-art gym onsite, that people can sign up to. We have a wide range of gym equipment, as well as a number of personal trainers. 

Throughout the week, we have a number of classes hosted at the gym, including BOXFIT, strength training and cardio sessions, hosted by our different trainers.

You can sign up to a gym membership that includes full use of all of the gym equipment, as well as access to the wide range of classes we have at the gym for just £20. 

To see the comprehensive set of classes that we have on offer during the week at the gym, take a look at the timetable to the right. Click on the image to enlarge it.


Introducing Dave Sutcliffe one of the Personal Trainers at Newcastle Benfield Gym situated within the grounds here at Newcastle Benfield Football Club.


Dave began working at the gym shortly after it opened in 2018 and has helped many a client and customer on their fitness journeys producing some fantastic transformations one of which was Stacey Oliver. We interviewed Dave about this transformation and this is what he said:

"Stacey joined the gym and participated in a number of classes before approaching me with regards Personal Training. We discussed what it was that Stacey was hoping to achieve and we set out a plan of action to reach her goals."

"Stacey wanted to ‘lose a stone’, ‘gain a flatter stomach and become more toned’, ‘understand more around the nutritional side of dieting and be able to pin point the foods I need to avoid’

As Stacey was already attending a number of classes each week we decided that she had the cardio eliment to her journey covered."

"I explained to her the benefits of then adding at least 2 resistance based training sessions a week. We agreed one session a week together, where I would teach and guide her, allowing her to complete a second session where possible on her own, based on what I had showed her."

"As with all my clients I asked Stacey to share with me her eating habits which we monitored daily and I offered hints, tips and advice to teach Stacey better options, explaining how certain foods affected her body composition and health."

"Stacey took everything on board and put 100% into every session. As I didn’t set a meal plan but instead taught Stacey how to make better choices she was still able to attend social events and enjoy time out."

I am very proud of what Stacey has achieved and the efforts she put in week in week out.
Stacey has met all her goals, L
osing 15.4lb and 2″ off her stomach.

She has gained knowledge and understanding of nutrition and diet, and has learned the benefits of resistance training and how to use our gym equipment safely and effectively, and she looks great for it.’